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Let’s celebrate
life again…


Welcome to Jollo. We are very excited and proud to welcome you to our wonderful, bubbly and exciting range of Prosecco.

As its name suggests, Jollo is a ‘jolly’ Prosecco – with its beautiful pale
yellow colours, a delicate crisp perlage and delicious fruity notes. Jollo
Prosecco sets the scene for celebrating a multitude of occasions and goes
hand in hand with making happy memories.

Grown in the province of Treviso, coupled with its vibrant and stylish
packaging, Jollo is fast becoming the Prosecco of choice that you can enjoy
for all occasions and sits uniquely on any wine rack. We hope you enjoy the
experience and fun Jollo brings to your life, party and home.

Our Range

Jollo Prosecco is a lively and white Italian wine with a complex bouquet of deliciously fruity notes including peach,green apples with scents of acacia and lilac.

You will experience a bubbly and fresh feeling on your palate, with a balance of acidity and body, bringing a harmonious persistent after-taste. Light in style and all about the purity makes Jollo the perfect companion to celebrate
life again. Jollo is available in 4 different colours, meaning there is something for everyone.
Simply speaking, Jollo is excellence in a bottle, perfect for any occasion.

– 11% Vol –
– Pale light yellow colour with typical crisp and delicate perlage, bubble –
– Complex bouquet with fruity notes of peach, green apple with scents of acacia and lilac –
– Fresh and light on the palate, with balanced acidity and body; harmonic with a long persistent aftertaste –
– Excellent for celebrating occasions –


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